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Ensuring Trust with Leppard

“The Leppard Way”

In episode one of the Ensuring Trust with Leppard podcast we hear more about “The Leppard Way”. CEO Glenn Standen reflects on how it all began; Steve von Roretz (Chair of Leppard) shares about the ethics that make Leppard different, and Milesha Chetty (Executive Head of Marketing) explains why Professional Indemnity insurance should not be a grudge purchase.

When the stakes are high, professional indemnity insurance can be the difference between a business staying operational or going bust! In this episode Leppard Chair Steve von Roretz makes the case for the importance of PI in the current financial environment and Vanessa Kleber (Head of Corporate Risks) explains why brokers must thoroughly understand their client’s needs and potential exposure.

Construction projects are complex and have many potential risks. From delays in the building project to hazards caused by poor workmanship. In this episode Keith Mumford, Head of Single Projects, and Steve von Roretz, Chair of Leppard talk about Single Project PI. This is the type of insurance that covers contractors, subcontractors, principals, engineers, and in certain instances developers.

Broadform Liability, Security and Events

Poor workmanship, product liability, public liability, accidents on your premises or at your event, and a breach of security on your clients premises or event, can tarnish the reputation, of even the most established business. That’s why Liability Insurance is a must. In this episode we find out why that’s the case from Andrea Minnaar (Executive Head of Underwriting), Kerry Waugh (Head of Security Liability) and Glenn Standen, CEO of Leppard.

Directors and officers of privately owned businesses carry a weight of responsibility, from creating vision and strategy, to leading through turbulent times. They also carry the weight of responsibility for maintaining a good reputation. Leppard team members Milesha Chetty (Head of Directors and Officers), Ryan Naven (Directors and Officers Underwriter) and Steve von Roretz (Chair of Leppard) share how that weight of reputation management can be mitigated.


When it comes to submitting a claim, there’s a perception that insurance companies will do whatever it takes to not pay out claims! The Leppard team believe that they go against the grain of this stereotype and will do their utmost to ensure your claim is settled. In this episode we find out exactly how they do that, in conversation with Glenn Standen, CEO of Leppard Underwriting, and Fatima Ebrahim, Executive Head of the Claims Department.


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